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Lux Apartamentos Santiago puts at your disposal the best comfort to make your stay unforgettable. All the facilities are equipped with free Wi-Fi connection and heating.

There is a private car park nearby that does not need previous booking. Price: €13,50 per day. You can also park near the university.

To move through the three floors of the building comfortably, you can use the lift.

Pets are not allowed.

The check-in will be made in the Hotel Lux, in Calle Doutor Teixeiro 4. The check-in time starts at 4 pm. If you have any question, please contact with the establishment through this number: 981 55 49 86.

Free <br>Wi-Fi


Get benefit of our free internet connection to share your adventures.
Kitchen <br>tools


In the apartments you will find all the necessary to cook during your stay.
Private <br>heating


The cold nights of Santiago will not be a problem thanks to the free heating.

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