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Lux Apartamentos Santiago

Lux Apartamentos Santiago are in the southern entrance of Santiago de Compostela, capital of pilgrims and tourists approaching to discover the charm and history of the city. In this amazing capital you can enjoy the Galician gastronomy, amazing buildings of ancient centuries and commercial areas.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Thousands of pilgrims finish the Camino every day in the city center, the Obradoiro Square. Here you will find amazing edifications like the cathedral and the Portico of the Glory. Inside, you will find the tomb of the Apostle Santiago, the famous Botafumeiro, or the chapels which deserve a visit.

The legend says the body of the Apostle Santiago where moved to Galicia in the year 44, after he was beheaded in Jerusalem. In the 3rd century, Pelayo found its grave abandoned. He watched some weird lights in the dark sky, so they decided that was a miracle and lifted the cathedral on that place.

Alameda Park

The Alameda is the most important park of the city, maybe due to its position between the university and the ancient town. It is formed by three areas well distinguished: Paseo da Alameda, Carballeira de Santa Susana and Paseo da Ferradura.

Nowadays, this combination is one of the favorite areas for walk and leisure of the residents and the tourists. From its higher point it offers amazing views of the mount Pedroso and a spectacular panoramic of the city.


Galician food is a national reference from a gastronomic point of view, so your visit to Santiago de Compostela must include some of the typical and delicious dishes made with fresh and local products. Pulpo á feira (boiled octopus with oil and salt), cocido gallego (Galician stew), or diverse seafood bought daily in the market, are some examples of what you should try.

On the other hand, the wide variety of wines with O.D will impress you: Albariño, Ribairo, Mencía or Godello. You will find or sure one adapted to you, wine or red.